Sistema de la Integración Centroamericana – SICA Colonia San Benito, Calle Circunvalación, No. 294, San Salvador, El Salvador, Centroamérica

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About Cenpromype

Cenpromype works to position MSMEs as an engine of development in the region. seeks the integral development of entrepreneurs.

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Within the framework of the Central American Integration System (SICA), the Regional Center for the Promotion of MSMEs (CENPROMYPE) was created in June 2001. Cenpromype’s general objective is to contribute to the productive development of MSMEs, as well as to improve the quality of life and employment of the people who work in them, by strengthening the public and private entities that support them, expanding the coverage of business development and financial services for MSMEs, optimizing their quality and seeking efficiency in the entities that provide them.

Specific objectives of Cenpromype's Constitutive Agreement

Linked innovation
to MSMEs.

Strengthen organizations that support micro and small enterprises, improving their levels of specialization and modernization.

Design of public policies

Contribute to the design of public policies to promote competitiveness and favor the development of MSMEs.

MSME Knowledge

Improve knowledge of MSMEs in general and specific terms.

and instruments

Create and strengthen regional mechanisms and instruments that facilitate the development of MSMEs, promoting economic integration and trade exchange of MSMEs at the regional and international levels.