Sistema de la Integración Centroamericana – SICA Colonia San Benito, Calle Circunvalación, No. 294, San Salvador, El Salvador, Centroamérica

Executive Management

The Executive Management is Cenpromype’s technical-administrative body, with a management team and a specialized technical support team.

David Cabrera

Executive Director

Eduardo Ernesto Alonzo

Head of Technical Coordination and Regional Integration

Fátima Grande Argueta

Head of Administration
and Finance

José Rigoberto Rosales

Head of Planning, Monitoring and Impact Assessment

Estefany Mata Amaya

Strategic Communications Coordinator

Katya Moreira

Business Services Platform Area Coordinator

Jacqueline Melgar

Program and Project Design Coordinator

Stefany Abigail Cañas Medina

Information Systems and Data Mining Coordinator